Month: November 2021

Questions to Ask Before Buying New Construction Condos in SWFL

If you’re fortunate enough to be searching for new construction condos in Southwest Florida, there are many important things that you should know before purchasing your property. When  buying something that isn’t already built, or happens to be nearly finished, the ball is in your court. Meaning, in many cases, you can choose what you want. Here are some questions to consider before buying new construction condos in Southwest Florida.

Moving to SWFL | Omega Bonita Bay

Where do you want to live?

The first question you want to ask yourself is, “Where do I want to live?” This may seem obvious, however, if you don’t know the area that you’re moving to, there may be cities, communities and areas that you like better than others.

Many Northerners find themselves wanting to move to Southwest Florida, but can’t decide between Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, or Fort Myers. If that sounds like you, head to our “Best Luxury Cities Near Naples Florida” blog to learn more about the area.

Who is the developer?

When it comes to new construction condos in Southwest Florida, it’s important to know and trust the developer. During the construction process, buyers need to know that their purchase is a safe one.

A good way to tell if the developer is reliable is by looking at their past projects. If they worked on successful projects, especially in the same area as the new development, chances are you can tell if they will produce the same kind of success.

What is the condo’s timeline?

One of the most important questions to ask when buying a new construction condo in Southwest Florida is “When will it be done?” The excitement builds as the project goes up and it’s only natural to want to how soon you can move in.

Not only is the closing date important but knowing the full timeline can help you decide when you should plan your move or purchase new items for your condo or even schedule your interior design installation.

Building Gallery | Omega Bonita Bay

What are the amenities?

Be sure that you know what amenities your new construction condo offers. In Southwest Florida, you will have a wide array of amenities to consider, which is why you should choose the right community and package of your liking. Ask about club memberships, community events, resort-like features and anything else you are looking for in your Southwest Florida new construction condo.

Omega Bonita Bay

Omega Bonita Bay is Southwest Florida’s newest condominium project and is the final residential high-rise in the Bonita Bay community. The Omega tower will feature 63 spacious tower residences and four penthouses for a total of 67 unique residential opportunities overlooking the lush Florida landscape.

This new construction condo is located in the coveted community of Bonita Bay, perfect for retirees, second home buyers or anyone fortunate enough to enjoy what Bonita Springs has to offer. With easy access to entertaining nightlife, award-winning dining destinations and ample shopping avenues, Bonita Springs is the perfect paradise for new buyers.

Developed by the Ronto Group, its high-end team of experienced professionals has created a wonderful place to live. Following its previous successful developments such as Seaglass at Bonita Bay, Quattro at Naples Square and now Altura Bayshore in Tampa, the Ronto Group has earned a national reputation for excellence.

Omega is nearly complete and only has 14 residences left for sale. Buyers will soon be able to move in and enjoy luxurious amenities in the coming year. With amenities such as a theater, social room, billiards room, fire pit, pool deck and more, there’s always something to keep you busy and entertained day in and day out.

For more information on Southwest Florida’s newest construction, visit our website or contact our sales office today at 239-301-4940.

Top Five Reasons to Choose a Community with a Pickleball Court

For many Southwest Florida residents, pickleball has quickly become one of their favorite hobbies. This paddleball-like sport combines badminton with tennis and offers players a fun, cooperative and outdoor workout for people of all ages and skills to enjoy. If you’re looking for a new place to call home in Southwest Florida, here are five reasons you should choose a community with a pickleball court.

Pickleball at Omega Bonita Bay


Pickleball is a great sport for overall fitness. The activity exercises all major muscle groups as well as providing an extremely well-rounded cardio workout. Due to the size of the court, players can enjoy the same health benefits from tennis but on a smaller scale. (Pickleball courts are 1/3rd the size of a standard tennis court.) Meaning, you don’t have to be a “gym-rat” to reap the benefits of a good workout when playing pickleball. 

Play at all levels

Not only can everyone experience a good workout by playing pickleball, but anyone can play regardless of their skill level. One of the main reasons this sport has taken off, is because it can be enjoyed by anyone from beginners to those who enjoy a professional competitive atmosphere. The strain and force needed to play are quite “knee-friendly” and it doesn’t require overexerting yourself every time you compete. This makes it the perfect addition to everything from retirement communities to college campuses.


Pickleball offers enthusiasts a unique social aspect to the Florida lifestyle, quite simply because you can’t play alone. Many communities meet, gather and schedule a time to play with others around the area. This way, even if you are moving from a different state, you can make Florida friends all while getting in a great workout.

Pickleball at Omega Bonita Bay


If you’ve been near or have watched a pickleball game, you know that the competitive spirit evident just by listening to the players. Whether it’s a singles pickup match or a doubles tournament, many people enjoy competition on the pickleball court. In many Southwest Florida communities, residents can sign up for tournaments, charity events or scheduled pickup games so that they can “leave it all on the court.”

Growing Sport

The final reason that you should look for a community with a pickleball court is that pickleball is known as the “fastest-growing sport in America.” According to the Columbia Association, a health and fitness blog, the sport has gained over 2 million active players, or “picklers” in the past five years. Chances are, if your community has a pickleball court, it won’t go unused.

Omega Bonita Bay

Omega is the newest edition to the Bonita Bay community in Bonita Springs, Florida. This luxurious high-rise offers residents picturesque views of Estero Bay and is just minutes away from the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Priced from $3 million to over $6 million, this luxurious high-rise is now under construction. 

Omega Bonita Bay is fashioned with resort-style amenities making it the perfect retreat for a high-end buyer. With amenities such as a movie theater, social room, fitness center, resort-style pool and, of course, state-of-the-art pickleball courts. 

If you’re looking to spend your days playing pickleball in the most prestigious project in Southwest Florida, visit or contact the sales center at 239-301-4940.