Things to Know When Purchasing a Luxury Home in Florida

Florida is truly paradise. When you think of where to build a dream home, chances are it may be in Florida. Florida has paradise-like weather all year round and is home to hundreds of beaches. Not to mention, the Florida lifestyle is the definition of luxury. If you are thinking of purchasing a luxury home in Florida here are some key points to keep in mind. 


Florida is a big state with plenty to do. There are many different cities to keep in mind when choosing a luxury home in Florida and many reasons why to choose those cities. Maybe the city you grew up vacationing in has a certain pull to it. Maybe it is the pictures you look at when it’s snowing in your hometown. Or maybe you are venturing into a new place full of new friends, new beaches and new opportunities.

Wherever you choose to land, keep in mind the location and how it complements your hobbies and interests. Florida differs from coast to coast and where you buy, will have a lasting effect on the value of your home.

When talking about luxury, think Southwest Florida. From the fine dining and white sand beaches to its many charming shopping districts, Southwest Florida has all your luxury needs. Here, you will also find championship golf courses to perfect your game no matter what season it is. Bordering the golf capital of the world, Bonita Springs is home to over 60 private golf courses and communities. 

Omega Bonita Bay Penthouse Outdoor Space

Soak Up the Sun

One of the main selling points for a luxury Florida home, that it is, in fact, a Florida home! The idea of not having to suffer long winters, shovel snow or chip ice off a windshield in the morning is what makes Florida special and what makes it attractive to buyers. Don’t look past this when purchasing a Florida luxury home. Take advantage of outdoor spaces by looking for homes with glamorous pools, creating a space for outdoor dining or just making sure you have a place to relax in the sun. 


When buying a luxury home in Florida, keep in mind that there is more to the home than what’s found inside the walls. Many communities have private amenities only available to residents. Shop around to see what peaks your interests. 

Luxury isn’t just all about relaxation. Based on the amenities available, you may be able to pick up new outdoor hobbies such as pickleball, kayaking, biking or golf. Many high-end properties will offer sports courts, kayak or bicycle storage, as well as exclusive golf memberships.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury home in Florida, look no further than Omega in Bonita Bay. 

At Omega Bonita Bay, the amenities embody the Florida lifestyle in every way. From the pool with beach entry, to the private poolside cabanas with restrooms and bar, to the BBQ grills, fire pit terrace and putting lawn, Omega Bonita Bay sets the new standard for luxury. Located just minutes from Naples, and close to miles of pristine beaches, discover for yourself why Omega is the luxury standard. Visit or call (239) 301-4940 for more information.